A simple sentence can explain the philosophy that inspires the activity of the group Tecniche Nuove: more weight to the specific.

Tecniche Nuove has always believed in specialism and has always worked in order to give him voice, culture, interchange… strength.

Of course, strength , because an adequate information, finalized to the promotion of the contacts between offer and demand of technology can constitute an effective instrument of growth.

Founded in Milan in 1960 by publishing trade magazines, Tecniche Nuove has then modified and extended its structure, has achieved the new instruments of communication, has overcome the limit of the «unique media», has widened its field of presence and intervention… but has always been faithful to its mission.
Today even the numbers give reason to this choice:

  • 88 specialized magazines also online
  • 1.300.000 distributed copies/month
  • 2.000 published books
  • 38 thematic series
  • more than 100 courses for professional updating and ECM
  • more than 100 monothematic web portals
  • 12 exhibitions and 22 congresses each year
  • 3.123 exhibitors
  • 127.489 visitors
  • 3.000.000 newsletters sent each month

These numbers represent, better than any other argumentation, the leadership of Tecniche Nuove in the field of industrial information and give also an idea of which number of opportunities are at the disposal of each company in order to give around one’s own message.

With all its trade magazines, the technical publications, the area exhibitions and with thousands of aimed events, Tecniche Nuove is today able to give voice and visibility to thousands of big, medium and small companies that find in its coordinated media an important instrument, often unique, in order to reach with power one’s own public of reference and even to find new spaces that has not been considered before.

Recently, besides having in its group a publishing house in Lugano – Switzerland, Tecniche Nuove is expanding itself also outside Europe (Beijing – China, São Paulo – Brazil).

Moreover, since February 2014, a new publishing house, named New Business Media, has entered the editorial group Tecniche Nuove. New Business Media publishes about 40 further specialized and technical magazines.