Quality in the Production of Tissue Paper

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  • Data di Pubblicazione: 04/2020


Today, pursuing quality has changed greatly compared to thirty years ago. It is no longer a question of simply complying with technical specifications, but rather the quest by an organization that leads to meeting and, if possible, exceeding customer expectations with an ever attentive look at cost reduction through optimization, but above all, with a total involvement by people – the true and only wealth of an organization. This is the view that lies at the basis of this book. We speak of quality in a broader sense compared to the mere control system of quality parameters, identified in the critical points of the production process. Hence what, where, how and when to perform checks, how to be efficient in full respect of procedures, how to equip a laboratory, what instruments to use and what quality means in the production of tissue paper, in order to be able to meet and exceed market expectations, while at the same time proposing the development of new products.


Sergio Casella

Sergio Casella Laureato in Chimica e tecnologie farmaceutiche presso l’Università degli Studi di Pisa, autore di numerosi brevetti e alcuni articoli scientifici, è stato manager di un’importante industria farmaceutica. Passa, dopo una importante esperienza in una multinazionale del settore cartario, a un gruppo multinazionale americano di cui diventa presidente di divisione e contribuisce alla sua crescita. Dal 2005 è anche docente di Sistemi di qualità e Certificazione di qualità presso il Master “Produzione della carta/cartone e gestione del sistema produttivo” promosso dalla Università degli Studi di Pisa.

Sergio Casella graduated in Chemistry and pharmaceutical technology from Pisa University and has managed a leading pharmaceutical firm, secured numerous patents and written many scientific papers. After gaining major experience in a large paper-making company, he became divisional president of an American multinational to further his growth. Since 2005, he has lectured on quality systems and quality certification on the Paper/ Cardboard Production and Production System Management Master course at Pisa University.

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